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Abstract Art Class

Bobbie Britt
Bobbie Britt, Featured Artist / Instructor

First let us think about what abstract painting is. I like this definition. Abstract art is a departure from reality. It releases the creative energy of people and provides them with their freedom to explore their minds and emotions in a way that was impossible in traditional styles of art.

In this class we will explore different ways of making techniques with an emphasis on finding what works for you as an artist. I will demonstrate an abstract painting and some ways I get started. We can discuss some of your favorite abstract painters. I hope to encourage you to try new things as a way to experience different ways to develop your own ways of applying paint and to compose the visual space.

Please call 910-816-7481 to register. No fee for class. This is a beginner’s class. Limit of 8 people.

Supplies will be furnished. You are welcome to bring something if you have a particular color or brush you would like to use or something unusual.


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