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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Robeson Art Guild is to focus on all fields of art by providing exhibitions, workshops, partnerships, and educational opportunities for both children and adults.  We seek to fuel the economies throughout the county and feed the souls of our citizens and tourists.


The Robeson Art Guild evolved from the memory of an earlier group, the Community Art Guild, active throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Today we seek to nurture the Visual Arts and other art forms through exhibitions, support for art in schools, in Plein Air events, Arts in the Gardens, and so much more. Our wish is to bring joy to our members and to the artists.

We are incorporated as the Robeson County Community Art Guild Inc, a public charity certified under IRC Section 501(c)(3), known in our community as the Robeson Art Guild. In 2021 we opened the Guild House at 109 W 9th Street in Lumberton, North Carolina, providing a venue for local artists to share their work with the public in periodic exhibitions, space to display our eclectic permanent collection, and space for classes for artists and the public.

Board of Directors

  • Nila Chamberlain, Director of Development
  • Jim Tripp, Director of Marketing and Membership

Advisory Board

  • Robert Gable
  • Dr Cheryl Locklear
  • Jessica S Bullard
  • Vonte Leach
  • Lou Lewis
  • Tyree Robinson
  • Pamela Wright
  • Mark McGirt
  • Fordham Britt
  • Pam Bounds
  • Linda Hedgpeth

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