A bit of information to all our members.

Robeson Art Guild Sign

With the rapid spread of Covid in the community, the Guild has decided to postpone the January 20, 2022, dual exhibit and General Membership meeting. We understand the current conflicting opinions related to Covid but feel this is our best option for everyone. Once we confirm a new date, everyone will be contacted with information relative to the exhibit.

Pick up of all items related to the current exhibit, Metamorphosis 1, at the Guild House on Friday, January 14 between 10 am and 1 pm. Thank you for permitting our sharing of these creations with the community.


As the new year progresses, we need your support in many ways. If you are available for volunteer work of any sort please contact the Guild through our webpage, Robesonartguild.org. There is a Contact Us section which permits you to provide your contact information. The webpage is a great location to find all the current events related to Guild happenings. We invite you to visit the page often.



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