Shape Maker – Entertainer Opening

Exhibition Opening Thursday, June 9th

The Shape Maker and Entertainer Exhibition opens Thursday, June 9th, with a reception from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Guild House. The Exhibition will be open through August 12, 2022. Plan to stop in and see the new display of both 2- and 3-dimensional art from local artist community.

Shape Maker and Entertainer focuses on the fact that nothing observed has lines around it or within it. Everything is perceived by overlapping objects and directional surfaces that have highlights and shadows.

Artists truly “came out of the dark” in the Renaissance and began pictorial representation in terms of light and shade. There was even a word for it: chiaroscuro, chiaro meaning light and oscuro meaning darkness. Artists also recognize that we can draw an object by drawing the space around that object. Thus, we became even more skilled at creating shapes without being dependent on non-existing lines around and within the object being portrayed. We became shape makers.

Each of the art pieces on display is an original and has not been exhibited at RAG previously. Stop in and see the broad range of expression represented.


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